Discover Eastville

Posted on Sunday September 01, 2019
Home of the oldest continuous court records in America

Eastville is home to the nation's oldest continuous court records, dating from 1632. During the Civil War, Richmond wanted all court records for safe keeping. We refused. Richmond burned. We didn't! Our Northampton County records are originals and if you come to the Northampton County Clerk of Court office during business hours ((M-F 9:00-5:00) you can see actual Indian signatures as well as Daniel Boone's and the buildings that have housed them for HUNDREDS of years.

Always a very independent community, we held a public demonstration against taxation without representation over a century before the Boston Tea Party. Our shores were important to Jamestown, initially for salt, and then for food (corn) and money (wampum shells). The local Indian were friendly (the local chief being nicknamed THE LAUGHING KING) and warned us of planned massacres.

The Old Court Green is one of the oldest, most complete in the nation.